There were certainly a lot of strange visitors coming her way, wasn’t there? Then again, she shouldn’t have been one to call another strange—she was, after all, a living doll in a circus filled with murderers. Adelise found him strange nonetheless, and opted only to blink red optics at him for a moment before parting cold lips to speak, “Good afternoon, Sir. Are you lost by any chance?”

Garry had wandered off into a strange place indeed. He had seen many places and many things, but none quite like this… it gave him the same eery feeling as the gallery on that day long ago. Even the young woman that stood before him reminded him of a living painting. She looked like a porcelain doll.

"I am indeed, lost. Might you know the way out of such a place?"

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Yes, I have indeed. How about you?

"Glad to hear it. Quite well however I got lost out in the dark for some time… How embarrassing!"

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thebloomingrosefamily asked:

"Good day to you, miss. I hope you have been always well."

*brushes dust off of self*

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Ah thats good to hear then! //whispers seeing you around makes me want to write that drabble of Riko in the world of Ib oops

(( you should do that! <3 ))

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// Youre not the only one. //

"Then I extend a ‘welcome back’ to you as well."

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//Whoa youre alive omg

"Yes, I’m alive! I’ve traveled far. It’s good to be back."

"Guess who’s baaack… and weary"

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"Hello, good miss!"